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Our commitment to diversity and inclusion in the legal profession doesn't end when the deal closes.

We are deeply committed to principles of fairness in every search we conduct and believe the best recruitment efforts generate interest from a diverse group of professionals, whatever the role. 

While we work with our clients to define what diversity means to their organizations, we are steadfast in our efforts to reach out to all qualified prospects, including those who come from underrepresented communities and/or personal identities.

At Steven John & Associates, LLC, we believe our clients are best able to achieve their financial and operational goals and live up to their mission statements when their organizations reflect the diversity of the communities they serve.

Results speak louder than words ...

From our founding, we have delivered on our promise to present well rounded, diverse attorneys for our clients' consideration. 

The results of that effort speak for themselves. Over half of our placed attorneys are women. Over 70% of our placed attorneys come from underrepresented communities.


All of them represent the best and brightest in the profession!

Thought Leadership
IILP Review 2019-2020: The State of Diversity and Inclusion in the Legal Profession 

Read Steve's recently published essay on privilege and bias.

Straight Privilege: Shining Light on Unearned Advantage Based on Sexual Orientation

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